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Budgie - Discography (1971-2006) [mp3@320]

Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Progressive Rock Format: 320 kbps TT: 6:33:44 1971-Budgie 01-Guts 02-Everything In My Heart 03-The Author 04-Nude Disintegrating Parachutis 05-The Rape Of The Locks 06-All Night Petrol 07-You And I 08-Homicidal Suicidal 1972-Squawk 01-Whiskey River 02-Rocking Man 03-Rolling Home Again 04-Make Me Happy 05-Hot as a Docker's Armpit 06-Drugstore Woman 07-Bottled 08-Young is a World 09-Stranded 1973-Never Turn Your Back on a Friend 01-Breadfan 02-Baby Please Don't Go 03-You Know I'll Always Love You 04-You're The Biggest Thing Since 05-In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's 06-Riding My Nightmare 07-Parents 1974-In For The Kill 01-In For The Kill 02-Crash Course In Brain Surgery 03-Wondering What Everyone Knows 04-Zoom Club 05-Hammer And Tongs 06-Running From My Soul 07-Living On Your Own 1975-Bandolier 01-Breaking All The House Rules 02-Slipaway 03-Who Do You Want For Your Love 04-I Can't See My Feelings 05-I Ain't No Mountain 06-Napoleon Bona (part I-II) 1978-Impeckable 01-Melt The Ice Away 02-Love For You And Me 03-All At Sea 04-Dish It Up 05-Pyramids 06-Smile Boy Smile 07-I'm A Faker Too 08-Don't Go Away 09-Don't Dilute The Water 1980-Power Supply 01-Forearm Smash 02-Hellbender 03-Heavy Revolution 04-Gunslinger 05-Power Supply 06-Secrets In My Head 07-Time To Remember 08-Crime Against The World 1981-Nightflight 01-I Turned To Stone 02-Keeping A Rendezvous 03-Reaper of the Glory 04-She Used Me Up 05-Don't Lay Down and Die 06-Apparatus 07-Superstar 08-Change Your Ways 09-Untitled Lullaby 1982-Deliver Us from Evil 01-Bored With Russia 02-Don't Cry 03-Truth Drug 04-Young Girl 05-Flowers In The Attic 06-NORAD(Doomsday City).O.R.A.D._(Doomsday_City).m 07-Give Me The Truth 10-Hold On To Love 2006-You're All Living In Cuckooland 01-Justice 02-Dead Men Don't Talk 03-We're All Living In Cuckooland 04-Falling 05-Love Is Enough 06-Tell Me Tell Me 07-(Don't Want To) Find That Girl 08-Captain 09-I Don't Want To Throw You 10-I'm Compressing The Comb On A
  1971-Budgie.jpg 125.81 KB   1972-Squawk.jpg 1.24 MB   1973-Never Turn Your Back on a Friend.jpg 147.89 KB   1974-In For The Kill.jpg 132.86 KB   1975-Bandolier.jpg 293.86 KB   1978-Impeckable.jpg 123.42 KB   1980-Power Supply.jpg 160.63 KB   1981-Nightflight.jpg 173.5 KB   1982-Deliver Us from Evil.jpg 142.92 KB   2006-You're All Living In Cuckooland.jpg 296.16 KB   1971-Budgie   01-Guts.mp3 9.94 MB   02-Everything In My Heart.mp3 2.02 MB   03-The Author.mp3 14.82 MB   04-Nude Disintegrating Parachutis.mp3 19.9 MB   05-The Rape Of The Locks.mp3 14.2 MB   06-All Night Petrol.mp3 13.63 MB   07-You And I.mp3 3.89 MB   08-Homicidal Suicidal.mp3 15.32 MB   1972-Squawk   01-Whiskey River.mp3 7.67 MB   02-Rocking Man.mp3 12.45 MB   03-Rolling Home Again.mp3 3.94 MB   04-Make Me Happy.mp3 6.06 MB   05-Hot As A Docker's Armpit.mp3 13.47 MB   06-Drugstore Woman.mp3 7.46 MB   07-Bottled.mp3 4.17 MB   08-Young is a World.mp3 18.55 MB   09-Stranded.mp3 14.42 MB   1973-Never Turn Your Back on a Friend   01-Breadfan.mp3 14.15 MB   02-Baby please don't go.mp3 12.61 MB   03-You Know I'll Always Love You.mp3 5.17 MB   04-You're The Biggest Thing Since.mp3 20.26 MB   05-In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's.mp3 14.88 MB   06-Riding My Nightmare.mp3 6.22 MB   07-Parents.mp3 23.85 MB   1974-In For The Kill   01-In For The Kill.mp3 14.79 MB   02-Crash Course In Brain Surgery.mp3 6.09 MB   03-Wondering What Everyone Knows.mp3 6.69 MB   04-Zoom Club.mp3 22.81 MB   05-Hammer And Tongs.mp3 15.95 MB   06-Running From My Soul.mp3 8.4 MB   07-Living On Your Own.mp3 20.66 MB   1975-Bandolier   01-Breaking All The House Rules.mp3 16.91 MB   02-Slipaway.mp3 9.25 MB   03-Who Do You Want For Your Love.mp3 14.12 MB   04-I Can't See My Feelings.mp3 13.54 MB   05-I Ain't No Mountain.mp3 8.26 MB   06-Napoleon Bona (part I-II).mp3 16.62 MB   1978-Impeckable   01-Melt The Ice Away.mp3 8.15 MB   02-Love For You And Me.mp3 9.32 MB   03-All At Sea.mp3 9.97 MB   04-Dish it Up.mp3 9.98 MB   05-Pyramids.mp3 10.04 MB   06-Smile Boy Smile.mp3 10.37 MB   07-I'm A Faker Too.mp3 11.01 MB   08-Don't Go Away.mp3 11.33 MB   09-Don't Dilute The Water.mp3 14.23 MB   1980-Power Supply   01-Forearm Smash.mp3 13 MB   02-Hellbender.mp3 7.86 MB   03-Heavy Revolution.mp3 10.23 MB   04-Gunslinger.mp3 11.58 MB   05-Power supply.mp3 8.45 MB   06-Secrets In My Head.mp3 9.09 MB   07-Time To Remember.mp3 12.5 MB   08-Crime Against The World.mp3 12.86 MB   1981-Nightflight   01-I Turned To Stone.mp3 14.2 MB   02-Keeping a Rendezvous.mp3 8.61 MB   03-Reaper Of The Glory.mp3 8.81 MB   04-She Used Me Up.mp3 7.56 MB   05-Don't Lay Down And Die.mp3 8.24 MB   06-Apparatus.mp3 6.6 MB   07-Superstar.mp3 7.96 MB   08-Change Your Ways.mp3 10.02 MB   09-Untitled Lullaby.mp3 2.91 MB   1982-Deliver Us from Evil   01-Bored With Russia.mp3 8.77 MB   02-Don't Cry.mp3 7.61 MB   03-Truth Drug.mp3 10.06 MB   04-Young Girl.mp3 5.27 MB   05-Flowers In The Attic.mp3 11.93 MB   06-NORAD(Doomsday City).O.R.A.D._(Doomsday_City).mp3 9.76 MB   07-Give Me The Truth.mp3 9.6 MB   10-Hold On To Love.mp3 9.81 MB   2006-You're All Living In Cuckooland   01-Justice.mp3 10.36 MB   02-Dead Men Don't Talk.mp3 14.07 MB   03-We're All Living In Cuckooland.mp3 13.92 MB   04-falling.mp3 12.3 MB   05-Love Is Enough.mp3 5.55 MB   06-Tell Me Tell Me.mp3 10.96 MB   07-(Don't Want To) Find That Girl.mp3 14.81 MB   08-Captain.mp3 8.52 MB   09-I Don't Want To Throw You.mp3 12.64 MB   10-I'm Compressing The Comb On A.mp3 18.99 MB

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